Lei of the Day

Lei of the Day

– Lei of the Day –
Our Lei Of the Day program honors the kindness we see on a daily basis and as we travel the world.

Our Leis are handmade by our Kupuna, our elders at Hale Makua health center. Using fabric and supplies donated by Maui community members, our Kupuna cut each flower out of fabric and string them together with straws to create the lei.


We then go on the search for any kind act and any kind person – when we find it we give them a lei!


We love the way this project goes full circle – From the generosity of the people who donate the fabric and supplies, to the members of CRF and the community who help create the Leis, to the kind and wise hands of our Kupuna and staff of Hale Makua…and finally to the person who receives the lei out of the blue to honor their kindness.

It is an amazing experience to go out in the world with these gifts – always on the lookout for kindness and the joy the recipient shows when they are surprised with the lei.

If you would like leis of your own please contact us. The only cost to you is the shipping – generally $10 or less.
Trust us, the joy you will receive from giving is priceless!

You can also contact us if you would like to organize something similar in your community.
We are open to helping with any idea and any way we can celebrate kindness.

The Lei of the Day program is created in partnership with Austin ImageWorks, LLC.