Spread Joy

Spread Joy



The Spread Joy campaign is an effort to do just that…spread joy.

Spreading Joy is easy and is actually part of our everyday experience.
If you wake up each morning and make a conscious effort to spread joy, you will.

It can be a simple smile offered to a stranger, or giving up your seat on the train,
giving someone a Spread Joy sticker (contact us to order some of your own)
or surprising someone in the grocery store by buying their groceries.

We believe what you look for is what you find…meaning,
if you consistently look for happiness in the world you will surely find it – both in the world and in your self.
If you consistently look for ways to Spread Joy, you will find yourself surrounded by and creating joy.


The more we Spread Joy the more everyone will feel it…and eventually become it.


Contact Us to order some of your own.